Horrible experience! Jan 17,2018
Author: Aint Nobody Got Time For This!
It’s a bunch of scammers on this website and Kixify stole $90 from me. I refunded 5 items I have that were out of stock. Instead of Kixify refunding the $18 they kept it. I emailed twice and no response. I tried calling PayPal and of course they are useless so now I have to open a fraud claim with my bank and file a dispute. DO NOT USE THIS APP!

This place will screw you Dec 29,2017
Author: Silvertooth77
Bought shoes from kix_spot via Kixify and when packaged was received it had been trashed during shipment. Received a pair of Jordans and one shoe is all beat up and the other looks new. No response from Kixify and kix_spot says no exchanges/refunds. I try to leave feedback/pictures on their app or website but it won’t let me. I think that is why they have such good feedback. They just block or ignore you once you complain.

Kixify and Kix_Spot are total garbage ripoffs Dec 27,2017
Author: theylive213
I bought a pair of air even more uptempo from this app on December 17. I STILL haven't got tracking info, there are no refunds, and both Kix_Spot and Kixify customer service won't write me back after a week of multiple messages and there is nobody to call. I just got robbed for $225. This service is a total BS garbage ripoff. I sincerely regret ever downloading this app. I am convinced every positive review is from their own people. This place is a joke.

Needs more payment methods Dec 22,2017
Author: Spizike9
App is great. However he only payment method is PayPal. They need to enable buying without PayPal. Won’t use until they do.

$85.00 Nikes Dec 04,2017
Author: DeeDeeDeeDee97
I ordered $85.00 Nike Juvenates. Delivery was pretty fast. Shoes were all white. Had bright yellow glue on both toes. As well as yellow discoloration on numerous areas of both shoes. Clearly rejects. I emailed. Zero response. I will never use this sight again.

Warning! Don’t download scamming app Nov 26,2017
Author: KD_TheShooter

App Nov 18,2017
Author: Sneaker head god
It's alright

Fake Nov 14,2017
Author: Yungrome84
So I’m a Jordan retro collector...I was told about this app from a friend. I buy not one but two different pairs of retro 11’s and 13’s...just to see if they were real. The answer is hell NO!!! Don’t do it...please don’t do it.

Lots of reputable sellers Oct 17,2017
Author: 3d74uc
Easy to use app. Easy filters to get what you want. Lots of reputable sellers. One thing to watch out is the shipping cost because sometimes sellers charge too much.

Review Oct 15,2017
Author: Johnnypuia
shipping costs too high compare with Poshmark or Marcari

Lamest customer service ever Oct 10,2017
Author: Adjective clothing co
I'm not new to the app and emails typically take 2-3 weeks to answer and they're new detection system will suspend you for making offsite transactions even when you didn't and then back to my original statement .... You wait 2-3 weeks for a email response

Great market place & community! Oct 06,2017
Author: Aceleous
Great place for sneaker heads to buy and sell anything from new drops and cops to old classics! Search, communicate, and purchase shoes til your heart is content!

PayPal Oct 03,2017
Author: NachoCheeseIsMine
There’s no technical support, it asked me to continuously sign in for pay pal despite logging in. Then promoted me to make a business account which I did several times and each time it says my payments aren’t online.

They are unprofessional Sep 28,2017
Author: Lsdeity_
No system of checks and balances

Great APP Sep 24,2017
Author: biz_jc
Awesome app!!!! Nice to have access to top notch products and be able to do it safely.

Always use this app Sep 13,2017
Author: King5nige
Good profit

Great App! Sep 10,2017
Author: Marshall Isaac

Great Sep 09,2017
Author: Quantazzz
How I cop all key heat very wonderful app and I recommend it to all.

Good app Sep 03,2017
Author: Nevertrustno13
U should get could find the shoe for u that u are looking for

Amazing Aug 27,2017
Author: @thraxinthetrap
Found the shoes I've been chasing since high school. Definitely recommend this app

Ushdj Aug 25,2017
Author: Mresendes
For some reason it keeps telling me I cannot use the app. Please fix soon

App doesn't work! Aug 25,2017
Author: Felix5713
This app doesn't let me even log in. I opened a store via my desktop and when I downloaded the app It immediately states "you are not allowed to use this app". Furthermore the Facebook link is not active on the website version. So I wrote to customer support and the only response I have received thus far is a survey asking me if I was satisfied with their customer support! I have many shoes I want to switch from eBay to another platform but Kixify has no phone number and have not responded to a support email in over 36 hours.

Newcomer Aug 15,2017
Author: Hoppthebaptist
Ez, tons of options ...simple enough

It's cool Aug 13,2017
Author: jvckthelvd
Haven't bought anything yet

Beware- fake shoes Aug 12,2017
Author: DuckyIV
Spent $499 on a pair for sneakers through kixify. 9 Months later, I tried selling them on GOAT and was told they weren't authentic. I reached out to kixify and they were no help. They kept referring me to Paypal for a refund. Since Paypal only covers up to 180 days, I'm out of luck. BEWARE- the site claims guarantee from Paypal, this is basically Paypal's universal coverage, whether you buy through Ebay or other sites. This company DOES NOT back their products. If anything goes wrong, you will need to go through Paypal for any recourse. If you absolutely need to use their site for a purchase, I highly recommend getting a 3rd party to authenticate the sneakers upon receipt. Remember, just because your buying through Kixify, it doesn't mean the product has been authenticated by the company. They simply facilitates the transaction, takes the fee and runs with it.

Rating Aug 05,2017
Author: Antwon529
Fire af

Dope Aug 04,2017
Author: 8==D (smiley)
It's rlly dope

Fakes Jul 31,2017
Author: A kid in school
A lot of them are fakes...

Excellent Jul 30,2017
Author: Michael D.C
Thanks!!!! Kixify for this App Perfect!!!! I can find all the shoes that in Missed on the and see the release dates . From, Michael D C

Forced push notifications Jul 30,2017
Author: mathis43
In order to register and use the app you have to allow push notifications on your phone.

Love it Jul 24,2017
Author: tinabeltcher
It's such a great app. I've use many other apps similar to this one but it just ain't the same . I prefer this one because it's easier then the other apps I've used . I recommend this app over any other shoe app their is

Great Jul 22,2017
Author: King_B10
I love it

You can get so many good deals Jul 20,2017
Author: Lil_hodges
Highly recommend this app for people tryin to get Jordan's for cheap

Review Jul 19,2017
Author: Karim_Barry24
Best app for sneaker heads

It's cool Jul 18,2017
Author: Vxngamer27
Just have to be active and patient.

Review for Kixify Jul 15,2017
Author: Young_Trok
This is the best app for sneakers in my opinion I would highly recommend using this!

Great App Jul 12,2017
Author: PROVERBS23
Greater Sneaker App! Easy to use and understand..

Perfect Sneakerhead App Jul 09,2017
Author: Spilloath
Almost Flawless.

Go to app for sneaker heads Jul 09,2017
Author: dave16johnson
This is a sneaker heads' dream come true. This app makes buying shoes a breeze. The only issue is if you run into a seller with bad communication, but that is a rare situation. Highly recommend.

I hope all these shoes real and there checked out Jul 07,2017
Author: Lil Foe🔥🔥👑
I ain't trying to get scammed

Offers Jul 06,2017
Author: QuintonHolmes
I think if you guys added a "counter offer" function to the app/website, that would be a GAME CHANGER. Just a suggestion

Love it Jul 03,2017
Author: Italian beast
Fast delivery original I would recommend this site to anybody. I love it

Great App Jun 30,2017
Author: CrashBandicoot2
Found the shoes I was looking for a great price.

Authentic shoes!! Jun 30,2017
Best app, authentic shoes great price! Issa win win for me fam🤘🏾💯

Trash Jun 28,2017
Author: MTA Bus
This is so bad that I don't even have anything to say about it. All I can say is that it deserves less than zero stars.

Awesome title for Kicks apps Jun 26,2017
Author: Joker Domin Eri As
This is the one top best apps for kicks

Blake Anderson Jun 25,2017
Author: dndhr
This is an amazing app to find any kind of shoe you need

Most of these shoes are fake!!! Jun 20,2017
Author: RETROsneakerLIFE
I was looking at the shoes and they were at a reasonable price. Then I started to look at the photos of the shoes and I saw that most of them were fake. Then I started to look up if this app was legit and it said that the people that sell shoes here can actually take photos from the Internet to put on the merch that they're selling. I was already skeptical about this app.

Great app! Jun 09,2017
Author: Jmsjazz
I've only had positive interactions with kixify.