Be careful Apr 27,2017
Author: Twigg239
Make sure the person you're buying from has good feedback before you purchase ! Some of the people on here never send the merchandise and then it's a hassle to get your money back, but overall good service, besides that one encounter

Kixify review Apr 26,2017
Author: Fire kickz
Legit app

Kixify Apr 24,2017
Author: K2716RA
Great place to buy new or used shoes

Has come a long way Apr 24,2017
Author: ichyowie
However, forcing customers to enable push notifications is not ideal. Other than that, solid app.

Best shoe app EVER!!! Apr 22,2017
Author: Jckffxjdvfj
On this app you can find real legit sneakers.

Great App! Apr 22,2017
Author: Big Sweets Aka Daddyfatsax
I love this app! Works like Ebay! Found a few great sellers and can always get the shoes I missed on any given release date! Alway 100% authentic! I highly recommend!

πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Apr 19,2017
Author: Trevor@Home
You guys never cease to amaze me. Every time I go up there looking for my shoe not only do you have but you prices beat flight clubs. I ordered a pair of retro 11 lows and they came in record time and the boxing was smushed up. Keep up the work.

Kicks Apr 18,2017
Author: Toe_Jams
Awesome app great deals

Kixify if you're looking for sneakers to cop or sell this is the app- Mikeb Apr 18,2017
Author: Mikeb 1356
Necessity for sneakerheads

Great app Apr 18,2017
Author: Birdblue4u
It must be great if I'm rating it. I never rate anything

Smooth sailing πŸ›³ Apr 14,2017
Author: Kevion.a
No problems

Love it!! Apr 13,2017
Author: Luis84ar
I downloaded the app to try and find a pair of Jordan's I've been wanting since 97. I did and now am in love with my shoes. I haven't had no issues with the app it has worked perfectly since the beginning.

Lots of good sneakers on here Apr 12,2017
Author: Bobrossshairstyle
Great app to buy from, can't speak for selling on it cause the one pair I have listed hasn't sold yet.

Really great place to find shoes! Apr 07,2017
Author: LilJman281
Really great place to find shoes. Very easy to use!

Best app ever Apr 05,2017
Author: Anthony geron
This app has the best deals I've ever seen

Great Apr 04,2017
Author: catmasterflex
amazing app!πŸ˜„

Sneaker Head MUST!!!! Apr 04,2017
Author: JaiThaGr8
GREAT app for the Sneaker Head community.

Worst App ever... needs to be perfected Apr 03,2017
Author: aquariLUX
Great place to buy shoes.... even friendlier people and better prices and sellers compared to eBay, but this app does it's community know justice. It's slow, it's confusing, and it just needs a lot of work.

Sneakers Mar 29,2017
Author: The Best App for music!

Good app but.... Mar 27,2017
Author: SacramentoKing
Don't ever try to list replica shoes on this site as you will be banned immediately with no repercussion.

The Design is terrible and the shoes also Mar 26,2017
Author: Loksbdjis
It's a terrible app, it's all buggy and the shoes are not worth to buy.

Good app Mar 26,2017
Author: Dhduapys
Need to have more sellers with lower prices

Good app Mar 26,2017
Author: blw93
Never had any issue. Not the first place I look to purchase sneakers though.

Great app Mar 24,2017
Author: osteopsych
Really quality app, I've successfully sold many pairs of different shoes and gotten the cash in hand, everything is 100% legit, uploading, buying, and selling are very quick and easy. Good prices and everything is cheeper here then any private shoe stores.

Kixify Mar 21,2017
Author: Ahudhsbansi
Great app! Love the layout and selection

πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Mar 20,2017
Author: Dro148

A1 Mar 19,2017
Author: Speed_Kills4
Great app!

Cool app for sneaker heads Mar 17,2017
Author: King Boog
Must have app. Dope and very handy

Great app!! Mar 15,2017
Author: DLsGameGuides
Have had an awesome experience with the app so far. Although I haven't made any sales, my bad inventory is to blame. Design is great, service is great, everything is great!

Smooth app Mar 13,2017
Author: Healthy App
Perfect app for get what you want and was looking for!!!

Good site people don't play games Mar 12,2017
Author: Jmar0024

Best Shopping experience Mar 09,2017
Author: Aws Garra
Top quality and fastest delivery I have ever experienced. Perfect.

Nike Mar 08,2017
Author: Ervyirv
I trust this app great buy.

Great Mar 04,2017
Author: Mitch12356
Great app, easy to use, easily has made me good sum of money

Sneaker head requirement! Mar 03,2017
Author: OMR LAW
I've purchased 8-10 pairs of kicks on Kixify that can't be found in stores where I live, and they have all been perfect. Shop around in the app for the best prices, because some sellers ask for too much money. I've always been able to get great kicks at a reasonable price.

Not anything special Feb 28,2017
Author: Canvas boycanvas
Not many exclusives sneakers

Great marketplace to call next buyers & sellers Feb 26,2017
Author: Dionnie3425
Used 3 times and got great price on shoes I really wanted great platform to connect sneakerheads

Super App Feb 26,2017
Author: King4Hunnid4
This app helps others sell shoes Thru their phone, and it's an easier way to make money

Great Sneaker App Feb 26,2017
Author: JustBlaque
Kixify has come a long way since it first came out. I use the app to sell my shoes and earn extra money. The app is easy to use and helps get your sneakers out there to sell. I wish they featured more ways to get smaller sellers started. Overall a great app for buying and selling sneakers.

Great app but buyer having issues leaving feedback. Feb 25,2017
Author: Quay901
Great app but buyer having issues leaving feedback.

OmgπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Feb 23,2017
Author: Hgbjjngndbk
Straight πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Good app Feb 23,2017
Author: J-NASTY1
Great app

shoes Feb 22,2017
Author: blullet
i just got robbed in this site the seller didn't provide tracking number and when i ask for full refund he blocked me

Great App, even better Service. Feb 20,2017
Author: pfulle3
Do you use Instagram? If so you've used the official Kixify app. That is by no means a bad thing. If it works and is seamless, why not? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. That aside, this app is extremely user friendly and might I say almost addictive, if you love shoes that is. It's a virtual sneaker shop that can be endlessly configured to your liking. Looking for Deadstock only? How about lightly worn? Maybe fixer uppers? It's all here. As a buyer it's simple as can be, and as a seller I can manage my orders and messages with ease. May I suggest adding some more metric features for sellers within the app that are present on the web version? That and the fact that the add picture function in the messenger section has never appeared to work. Small fixes but a great user experience and reliable and fully authentic service.

Great place to buy shoes Feb 19,2017
Author: mikeisme101
I have bought 3 pairs of shoes through this app. All 3 pairs came exactly as expected and quickly. It is easy to distinguish who is a genuine seller and who is not.

Must have app for Sneakerheads. Feb 19,2017
Author: KicksRlife
Amazing app! As a seller, it's super easy to put up my sneakers that I've been procrastinating on for weeks. As a buyer, largest selection available so it makes sense you can find some great deals. A++

Please fix Paypal!!!! Feb 19,2017
Author: Alldaybaby163748
I love the idea and how this site works but, once you add your paypal you cannot remove it from your kixify account!

Great Marketplace Feb 18,2017
Author: Deo111981
Easy place to buy and sell sneakers. Really like selling on here. Easy

PIdk Feb 17,2017
Author: Εƒonkvdgv